Just Giving Page

Newry Rotary Club is a non-profit organisation chartered in August 1944. In the last 76 years, we have partnered with many charitable causes local and international including helping to eradicate Polio globally.

This year, however, Newry Rotary Club wishes to concentrate our resources at home because many charities, which exist to serve our local community, have been adversely affected by the COVID19 pandemic. This Christmas, we wish to particularly fundraise for Southern Area Hospice Services (Newry Hospice).

Almost everyone living in this area has unfortunately been affected in one way or another by serious illness, whether directly themselves or indirectly through the experience of family and friends. Despite misfortune, our community is nevertheless fortunate that Newry Hospice is ever present here to provide care and support.

Regrettably, the COVID19 pandemic means that Newry Hospice is finding it more difficult to fundraise the cost of specialist palliative care whilst at the same time continuing to deliver such care to our family friends and neighbours. In light of this, Newry Rotary Club resolved to create a local feature to both thank Newry Hospice for its service in the past but also to protect this service for the present and for the future too.

From 15th December 2020, a boat will be moored in the Old Town Dock, Warrenpoint. The boat will be illuminated in an homage to the symbol of Newry Hospice, which is a crucifix aboard a pomegranate. Newry Rotary Club respectfully asks those who might see or hear of the illuminated boat to make a donation to Newry Hospice via the JustGiving webpage and (perhaps) leave an online message in thanksgiving and remembrance for those who have received Hospice care, those who are receiving palliative care, and those yet to receive such care. 100% of all donations made via the JustGiving webpage will belong to Newry Hospice.

CS Lewis, who was inspired by the landscape of Newry and Mourne to write the Chronicles of Narnia, is reported to have said: “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” Newry Rotary Club needs your help too. If you are inspired by the ideal of public service, and you have ideas and the time to share, why not consider contacting us so that we might make them a reality?

Newry Rotary Club takes this opportunity to thank Mr Brian Cunningham of Kilkeel, who kindly provided his boat and who arranged for it’s illumination free of charge.